Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrity Sighting at Hawthorne Hotel

Boston's newest Celtic, Shaquille O'Neal, stopped in to the Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel today for lunch with his children.  He was sightseeing in Salem so our staff filled him in on what to do and see. They all seemed to enjoy their sandwiches, including one of the Tavern's best-sellers, a towering three-layer classic chicken club sandwich.

We asked if we could take a photo or two but he politely declined.  However, as they were leaving one of the weekend's grooms staying in the hotel, who was sharing a pre-ceremony beverage with his groomsmen, managed to get a photo.  I am sure this made their day extra-memorable.

The staff seemed pretty pleased to be waiting on such a big sports celebrity.

I hope you enjoying being in the know about the comings and goings at the historic Hawthorne Hotel.


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  1. That would be a "big" celebrity in more ways than one! I'm having fun trying to picture Shaq sitting in one of the Tavern's cozy over-stuffed chairs while enjoying his lunch!