Saturday, August 28, 2010

Salem Willows

Whenever I go to visit a new place, I always want to know about the places that the locals love. The Salem Willows is one of those places for those of us in Salem and the North Shore. Here are some photos I snapped with my trusty iPhone earlier today:

The namesake weeping willow trees provide both a lovely backdrop, and great shade.

Tennis and basketball courts augment the traditional boardwalk amusements of skee-ball and other kinds of "feed me a quarter" games.

Just beyond this sign is the best place for popcorn on the planet -- Hobbs!

Hobbs makes popcorn in an old-fashioned drum popper, and then dresses it with real, old-fashioned melted butter. They toss it around so it is nicely distributed -- not too greasy, and every bite singing butter's praises on real, tasty and fresh popped corn.

Another old-fashioned aspect of the Willows is the Carousel.

On the way back, make a slight detour down a side street to see this quintessential New England seascape with the salt marsh grass in the foreground, and a safe cove filled with small boats.
The Willows is a very short ride from the Hawthorne Hotel, or if you are up for a looonnng walk, allow yourself about 45 minutes to walk there, turning left down Essex Street from our side door.
I hope you enjoy this look at Salem in the summer, and I hope to see you here (or there) soon!

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