Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Francisco Moran Wins Full-Time Employee of the Month Award

There are sometimes staff members in an organization that you would just love to clone. Francisco is one of those awesome employees who just are so special, such awesome workers, and so nice to be around, which are some of the reasons he was selected as our full-time employee of the month for July.
Getting Francisco to smile is not the easiest thing, and that is okay! We absolutely know he is smiling on the inside, and is very proud and happy to be honored by an award like this one.
Francisco has worked for us in the kitchens of the Peabody Essex Museum since we took over there about five years ago. He has never wavered in his dedication to our mission -- to serve the best food possible to all the customers at PEM.

Thank you for all you do, Francisco!

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  1. Congratulations, Francisco! Employees like you, with your loyalty and dedication to your work, are hard to find today. Glad to see your employers recognizing the contributions you make to their success!

    Michelle Quillin for New England HD