Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emmy Nelson Named Part-Time Employee of the Month

(l to r above: Juli Lederhaus, Ken O'Keefe, Tom Bracken, Kristie Poehler and Jennifer Normant)

Here we are walking from the Hawthorne Hotel to the Peabody Essex Museum to present the Employee of the Month awards for July. Both of the winners work for us in the kitchens at PEM.

Emmy Nelson was the winner of the Part-Time Employee of the Month Award for July 2010.
Emmy works for Jennifor Normant who is the Chef in charge of all of the kitchens at PEM. She was happily surprised!

Emmy has worked for us in prior seasons in Dining Services (front of the house) but this is her first year as part of our culinary team, and we are so impressed and excited by what she is accomplishing already. Jenn says Emmy takes initiative, is creative, and works hard to make sure everything she does is top notch. Way to go!!

Ken O'Keefe, Executive Sous Chef, Emmy, Jennifer Norman, Chef of PEM, and Juli Lederhaus, in front of the sign for our Garden Restaurant at PEM.

We think there is a very bright future for Emmy in this business, and we definitely hope it will be right here, as part of Team HAWTHORNE! I am personally delighted to see another generation of young women interested in pursuing culinary careers. It has been a long, tough road for us gals in the professional kitchens. It will never be an easy job, but it is truly a rewarding one.

Thanks for all you do, Emmy and TEAM!


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