Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awesome Door on Antique House

This home was purchased about a year ago after the last owner had let it go nearly to ruin. The current owners are passionate about historic preservation, and they are working from the outside in, to restore this beautiful home to its former glory.

When I was walking by recently I could not help being stunned by the beauty of the doors. I took these photos to share that beauty with you.

If you want to see this house for yourself, it is an easy walk from the Hawthorne Hotel. Just exit the hotel on the Essex Street side, turn right and walk through the pedestrian mall, and then continue on Essex Street one and quarter blocks from the end of the pedestrian mall until just before the Ropes Mansion. You will see it on your left, at #329.

I hope you enjoy this look at another small, but wonderful part of Salem.

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