Friday, July 23, 2010

Yummy New Menu in the Garden Restaurant

Do you enjoy food photos and menus? This blog post is for you!

Marinated Seared Beef, Cooked to order, served on Romaine, grilled corn, avocado, tomatoes, black beans and cumin vinaigrette

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Salad with Ice Wine Vinaigrette

Trio of Chilled Soups, Changes with the Chef's Whim
Bibb and Mixed Lettuce Salad with Toasted Almonds, Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, and Red Onions. Triple-Citrus Vinaigrette

Asian-Style Shrimp, Basmati Rice, and Fresh Local Green Beans

Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese Stack, Lovely Herbed Spicy Sauce called Italian Salsa Verde, Basmati Rice

Chicken Breast with Fresh Strawberry Sauce and Walnuts

Salem, MA ~~ The Garden Restaurant at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Now, I know you might expect me to say that because Hawthorne Catering runs that restaurant, but really, it is terrific!

Here are some photos of the newest menu items for you to enjoy with your eyes. However, I highly recommend that they are much tastier when you actually enjoy them with your mouth! Mmmmm. . . see items above, and the entire menu below:

Peabody Essex Museum
Garden Restaurant

New England Clam Chowder
Cup, Five ~~ Bowl, Six-Fifty

Soup of the Day
Cup, Four-fifty ~~ Bowl , Six

Caesar Salad
Romaine, Parmesan, sun-dried tomato crostini
Demi Portion, Six ~~ Entrée Portion, Ten

Chilled Asian Five-Spice Shrimp
basil-ponzu sauce, julienned cucumbers

Trio of Chilled Soups
A sampling of three varieties of chilled soups in petite cups

Boston Bibb Lettuce and Mixed Greens
strawberries, Mandarin oranges, red onions, toasted almond slivers
and triple-citrus vinaigrette
Demi Portion, Six ~~ Entrée Portion, Ten

Watermelon Salad
red and yellow watermelon, goat cheese and ice wine vinaigrette,

Soup and Salad
Choose a bowl of chowder, soup of the day,
or trio of chilled soups
and a demi-portion Caesar or mixed greens salad

Raspberry Chicken Salad
chicken, raspberries, Mandarin oranges, spiced pecans, mixed greens and raspberry vinaigrette
Demi Portion, Nine-Fifty ~~ Entrée Portion, Thirteen

Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine, chicken breast, Parmesan,
sun-dried tomato crostini
Demi-Portion, Nine-Fifty ~~ Entrée Portion, Thirteen

Citrus-Chive Crab Salad
avocado, orange wheels, julienned tomatoes,
Bibb lettuce and triple-citrus vinaigrette

Seafood Special ~~Panini Specials
See the daily special sheet for today’s choices
We offer a vegetarian panini too!

Lobster Roll
fresh lobster tossed in light lemon aioli and celery,
served with Chef’s choice of accompaniments

Pan-Seared Chicken Breast
balsamic-strawberry relish, walnuts, steamed basmati rice and green beans

Marinated Seared Beef
Cooked to order, served on
Romaine, grilled corn, avocado, tomatoes, black beans and cumin vinaigrette

Grilled Vegetable Stack
Italian salsa verde, goat cheese and basmati rice

Asian Five-Spice Shrimp
served warm with basil-ponzu sauce, julienned cucumbers
basmati rice and green beans

Reservations for this popular spot are always a good idea, but if you want to try dropping by, do so early. Opens at 11:30, Wednesday through Sunday. The direct line for reservations is: 978-542-1618

I hope to see you there (or here!)


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