Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's an APP for that! -- Salem, MA

(above) Screen shot of Hawthorne Hotel's page under the accommodations listing.

Yay, the first version of our iPhone app for Salem was just released today. Here is a link to Destination Salem's news release that will give you more information.

If you have an iPhone, this is a FREE APP, and if you are planning to visit Salem, you should have it. Need I say more?

If you find anything that you think would be an improvement, please send your thoughts to Kate Fox at Destination Salem ( and we will make sure they are considered in the next release, which is already in the works.

We are pretty happy with this first iteration, but as with all things electronic, there is always room to improve.

Once we get the iPhone version working well, we promise to consider those of you with other kinds of smart phones.


Juli (and my friends at Destination Salem)

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