Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salem's Surprise of the Day

Here is Annie, a friend from our neighborhood, who is admiring the "flowers" being "watered" by a "faucet" that appears to be bringing them water directly from the North River.
Salem, Ma. -- There always seems to be a new surprise in store for me, each and every day I am in Salem. I have been here over 11 years, and I have not been disappointed yet!

Sometimes the surprises are only a surprise to me, and other times they are most certainly blog-worthy. That, I believe, is the case today.

As I walked my two dogs in the "dog park" called Leslie's Retreat Park, not far from the Hawthorne Hotel this morning, I happened upon a number of sculptures that were not there on our walk yesterday. It seems that they just sprang up in one day, with seemingly no fanfare, no press release, and no signage to say what they are or who did them.

All of the pieces appear to have been made with recycled or re-purposed items, making this reminiscent of the "Trash Menagerie" exhibit that just left the Peabody Essex Museum.

Here are a few photos I snapped, along with a couple that my friend posted on her FaceBook page after she saw my FB post earlier today. I plan to go back tomorrow, because I understand there are more that I missed. I hope you enjoy this new (and possibly fleeting) aspect of Salem.

Inside this gigantic flower you will see what I saw, pictured below.
The black specks appear to be real watermelon seeds.
A recycled materials "kite" is mounted in a tree. Appears to have gotten bloodied along the way. . .

These "fishing poles" are anchored to the edge of the North River, that runs through the park. Each line appears to have caught something. The closeup below is of a fish, fashioned from mostly trash.

This appears to be a combination birdbath and bird feeder, all made of recycled plastic things.
I hope you enjoy this new and unique aspect of Salem.
And I hope to see you here.

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