Friday, July 02, 2010

Minerva Figueroa-Baez Honored

It is very often those staff members who are nearly invisible to our guests, and sometimes even to the rest of the hotel employees, who make us shine. In the hotel business, cleanliness of our guest rooms is of the ultimate importance, and it is people such as Minerva Figueroa-Baez who really make a difference for all of us.

Today we recognized Minerva for her exemplary work, year after year, here at the Hawthorne Hotel. This month Minerva will be celebrating her seventh anniversary as a member of our Housekeeping Team. While she works part-time, she brings a full-time work ethic and more with her to work each and every time she is scheduled.

If you see Minerva during your stay at the Hawthorne Hotel, please be sure to say "Congratulations!" to this excellent member of our TEAM.


Juli Lederhaus and Minerva Figueroa-Baez
I get the honor of leading the team's recognition of each person who is selected to be Employee of the Month, but I am simply representing the entire team in making this recognition.

Staff meal time is a great time to recognize one of our team members. Here you see the team applauding Minerva.

We surprised Minerva while she was eating her lunch!

Megan Campbell, Executive Housekeeper, nominated Minerva because she is such an integral part of our team. She is always upbeat, and can get even the grouchiest person to have a better day, just because she is so nice to be around.

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