Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The Friendship" Fireworks Photo by Hawthorne Hotel Guest

One of our guests took this spectacular photo during Salem's fabulous July 4th celebration last week, and thought to share it with us.

Running a small hotel has many advantages. Certainly one of them is that we get to know our guests on a much more personal level, as is the case with these guests, whom Lucie has gotten to know quite well.

Here is a copy of their note:

Hi Lucie,

I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous suite! It was so beautiful and the views were so stunning, we were actually watching some late fireworks on July 4th from the window.

As usual, we had a great time and love The Hawthorne Hotel. The staff is so friendly it feels like we are at home.

The only problem is that you have now spoiled us!!! ;o)

I have attached a picture my husband took at the spectacular fireworks display.

Thank you again and see you on Halloween,
Marji Rio

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  1. Very nice shot of the fireworks and one of these days maybe I'll stay there myself