Monday, July 19, 2010


Raspberry Chicken Salad with Spiced Pecans at PEM's Garden Restaurant. Also available in our Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel.

Vegetable Frittata in Nathaniel's for breakfast, each and every day. So delicious (and big enough for two meals!) Yummy!!

One of our most fabulous breakfast menu dishes -- Seafood Eggs Benedict. Grilled Crab & Cod Cakes, topped with luxurious smoked salmon, two cooked-to-order poached eggs, and dilled Hollandaise sauce. Served with fresh asparagus. Breakfast does not get any better than this, anywhere!

Dishes like the two pictured above are likely the reason that Nathaniel's for breakfast is considered to be THE place for a "Power Breakfast" by all of the movers and shakers in Salem. That's you, right?

Chilled Asian Shrimp on Cucumber Salad, in the Garden Restaurant at PEM. Such a terrific dish, we are expanding its horizons! Right now it is offered as an appetizer, but our new menu, coming out mid-August, will also offer this as a hot entree dish as well. I cannot wait!

There is a new service available both online and for your smart phone. It is called "Foodspotting" and NO, it is not what happens when your napkin slips off of your lap!

Now, on to what FOODSPOTTING is all about:

It is a cool application that lets you browse for food "near you" by looking at photos of food that others have posted there.

I have found that the iPhone version actually seems easier to use than the on-line version, but will leave that judgement up to you.

Here is a synopsis of how it works:

Find a food and "Want it!" by zooming in to see your neighborhood or out to see
sightings around the world.

Spot something you've eaten lately by adding
a sighting or emailing a photo to

Nom a
food you've tried and loved by finding it or adding it.

Earn tips
whenever someone Compliments (+10), Wants (+20), or Noms (+25) a food you've spotted.

Check back often because more ways to
spot foods are coming soon!

We think our food is especially good looking (as well as yummy) so we are hoping that you will take photos and post them up on this site. As a little incentive, if we SPOT YOU taking photos to post on FoodSpotting, we may offer you a little something extra for your next visit. So, snap away!

To get you inspired, I'm posting some photos of some of our great dishes that are now on Foodspotting.

I hope to see you here.


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