Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cool New Shop is Buzzing in Salem, MA

Beehive -- A cool new place for both queen bees and drones alike to visit! The owners describe their own store as "the sassier side of cards and gifts", and "a unique, laugh-out-loud shopping experience."

Yesterday I needed a laugh. It was a tough day, so I headed over to a new shop that I knew had opened up that might provide just what I needed. I am happy to report that I started smiling almost as soon as I walked in the door, and was laughing out loud by time I left. Their ad is "truth in advertising" for certain.

How many places do you know that sell "squirrel's underpants"?

I bought a friend who is slightly in the doghouse with me (and who has several cats) a car air freshener that is "cat butt" scented. Now who couldn't laugh at something like that?

I hope to see you here (or there) because I definitely plan to go back.


P.S. It is located at 38 Front St. which is a lovely stroll of about 4 blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel.


  1. where is it located in salem?

  2. Thanks for the reminder! It is at 38 Front St., just about 4 easy-walking blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel. Right next door to Roost, another cool shop!