Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cinema Salem/My Favorite Movie So Far This Year

Here is this week's newsletter from Cinema Salem. One of the movies that is still playing here is "Toy Story 3" which is my favorite movie so far for 2010. If you have not seen it, you really should go.

You will certainly enjoy it, whether or not you are an adult, a child, or are just "young at heart".



Now Playing: The Last Airbender 3D; The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG13); Toy Story 3 (G); Survival of the Dead!
Dear Juli,

Besides our regular, awesome movies this week, we're hosting French Film Night tomorrow night, this month featuring EST/WEST, featuring Catherine Deneuve in a poignant story set postwar Russia, as the realities of Soviet life dawn on a talented Russian doctor and his French bride. The screening will begin at 7:30.

As all of you know, ECLIPSE opened last night at midnight, which is why you seen so many bleary-eyed people walking around this morning, but don't worry: we're going to be showing it all day everyday for at least a couple weeks. Today and tomorrow, it will screen at (11:45), (2:30), (5:15), and 8:00. Starting Friday through Saturday, the showtimes will be at (12:15), (3:15), 6:45, 9:45; and on Sunday-Thursday the Twilight tertiary installment will screen at (12:15), (3:15) and 6:45.

Also opening late this week is CinemaSalem's second 3D feature, THE LAST AIRBENDER, M. Night Shyamalan's beautiful film about the epic battle between earth's elements. Produced by Nickelodeon, THE LAST AIRBENDER is sure to please kids of all ages, as well as M. Night's many fans. The flick will screen tomorrow, July 1, at (11:00), (1:30), (4:00), and 6:45. Starting Friday and Saturday, the showtimes are (11:30 AM), (2:00), (4:30), 7:00 and 9:20, and then Sunday-Thursday: (11:30 AM), (2:00), (4:30) and 7:00.

My personal choice for favorite film of the year-to-date is TOY STORY 3, the thoroughly winning final chapter in the charming series that weaves its positive and provocative philosophies in winsome, character-driven tales. TS3 will screen Friday-Saturday at (12:00), (2:30), (5:00), 7:15 and 9:30; and Sunday-Thursday at (12:00), (2:30), (5:00) and 7:15.

Opening in the Screening Room is a new zombie film by the recognized leading authority on the poor souls, George A. Romero, whose SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD. The critic at Killer Movie Reviews loves it: "Sly, yet solid, writing, which anticipates the audience being clever enough to expect a few twists, delivers them and then manages to inject a surprise or two, particularly with the evolution of the ethics dilemma at hand."

SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD (an intriguing title, you must admit) will screen Friday and Saturday at (12:30), (2:15), (4:45), 7:25 and 10:00; and Sunday-Thursday at (12:30), (2:15), (4:45) and 7:25.

Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!

Paul Van Ness

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