Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wedding That Has Definitely "Gone to the Dogs"

Salem, MA is a very special place. We just never know what is going to happen next in our great old city, and this past week was no exception.

We recently learned that two dogs who live in Salem are having a very formal wedding, and many people in Salem have gotten involved to help make this truly special indeed.

This is the story of two Schipperke dogs, who through their owner, and a certain amount of happenstance, met, fell in love, and are now going to "tie the knot" with a ceremony on the beach here in Salem.

The dogs are Cricket (the bride) and Black Magic (the groom), and you can see some photos of them getting ready for their big day right here on our blog.

Black Magic, getting fitted for his "tux".

Cricket's wedding "gown" is being handmade by Nancy Ripa of "Living with Pets", a great little pet store located only a couple of blocks away from the Hawthorne Hotel. It seems like Nancy gets involved with so many pet-related activities here. She is the one who provides welcome gifts for all the pets staying with us at the Hawthorne Hotel.

Cricket must be the best-behaved dog ever, to be standing still for this kind of attention. I cannot even imagine my dogs not ripping the roses to shreds just by being near them, let alone standing and posing with a dress that had a three-foot long train. How about you, fair blog reader?

If you look really closely at the flowers on the train of Cricket's dress, you will see a ladybug, which I am told is the official bug of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And what else would any self-respecting dog need to have on her wedding "gown" than a bug -- right?!!

So, what is the involvement of the Hawthorne Hotel with this darling couple's upcoming nuptials, you might ask? Well, of course they will be spending the first night of their "honeymoon" in one of our pet-friendly suites here at the hotel. We decided to provide this as our wedding gift to the first canine couple we know to go to such lengths as to have a formal wedding, and as a part of our involvement in the fabric of life here in Salem, Massachusetts.

We will keep you posted if there is more follow up information we feel you might want to know about this cute canine couple.

I hope to see you here. Or at the wedding on the beach on June 25 at Noon. You and your (well-behaved) pets are all invited.


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