Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Photos of Hawthorne Hotel in the 1970s

I just opened my email to find a copy of this delightful message sent to our Director of Sales and Marketing, Kristie Poehler, by Peter Skakum, who took these images in 1977, and has scanned and sent them to us. They show some of the Hawthorne Hotel in the 1970s, which helps us to piece together more of its history.

Quite some time ago I promised you I’d check through my old photos
and see if I could find any old images of the Hawthorne Hotel.

I found two

I took these photos in the autumn of 1977. That was a
very rustic, old world sign ... something you might have seen more of in
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s day.

Back in ’77 there were murals painted on the inside of the elevator doors ... and a huge nautical mural had been painted on the wall of Nathaniel’s. The Tavern, as you see it today, was almost brand new back then and Halloween wasn’t nearly as busy and crowded then as it is now.

You work for one of the finest hotels in the world in my opinion Kristie. Hope you enjoy selling all her fine attributes.

Thanks for staying in touch with your e-mails. Really enjoy Juli’s blog, too!

And thank you so much to Peter!


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