Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Children Welcomed

Here at the Hawthorne Hotel we really value all generations of guests, and children are especially welcomed.

In our dining rooms we offer kid-friendly menus packaged along with Wiki-Stix for the children to play with while they wait for their meals to be freshly prepared by our chefs.
As I was going table-to-table this afternoon, I happened upon Olivia, who was here visiting for the day from Quincy, with her mother. They were having lunch in our Tavern, and Olivia, who is in the fourth grade, showed me the "pizza with pepperoni slice" that she had fashioned, along with a peace symbol.
I thought her creative use of Wiki-Stix was worth immortalizing in our Hawthorne Hotel blog, and asked permission to take her photo with them. "Mom" said it was okay, so here she is, smiling a great smile, with her creations.
Thanks so much for sharing your artistic talents with us, and our blog readers, Olivia!
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