Monday, May 24, 2010

Remarkable Family Resemblance

Yesterday this young woman, Rebecca Sussman, stopped into the hotel to see this photo of her great aunt, Gretchen Kehn.
Gretchen's husband, Bob Kehn was the General Manager of the hotel from 1953 to 1964, and the Kehn's actually lived in the hotel during his tenure here, and raised their children here.
Rebecca, who lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, had heard about this story and photo, and was in the area so she decided to stop by to check it out. I happened to be in the dining room, Nathaniel's at that very time, and also just happened to have my trusty digital camera, so I was able to capture the moment for our blog.
The most amazing thing about the event is how much Rebecca resembles her great aunt.
We love the stories of people that are interwoven around the Hawthorne Hotel and its history, and hope you enjoy reading these little tidbits as well.
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