Saturday, May 01, 2010

More Flowers with Clapboards, at the Suzannah Flint House

Once again I find myself wishing I could share this post with "smell-a-vision" or some such thing. These lilacs have an aroma unlike any other flower. They are so lovely.

These are located at the Suzannah Flint House, which is our Bed & Breakfast located on the other side of our parking lot, and run as part of the Hawthorne Hotel for approximately six years.

This year was a good news/bad news year for the old lilac tree at the Suzannah Flint House. The good news is that there was so much rain in March, the tree opened up with a huge number of blooms. However, that was also likely the reason for the bad news. The bad news is that on Thursday night this week we lost one of the two main trunks of this tree due to the ferocious winds. I think the fact that the tree was loaded with blooms probably gave the wind something to really latch on to, and it blew and twisted the big stem of the tree right off, as you can see in the final photos.

As things do in nature, I expect that the remaining trunk will now have more room to grow, and it will probably be able to get stronger and grow even more, now that it's twin is gone.

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