Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun is Our Middle Name (at times)

This week, two of our Catering Sales Managers, Christine Turner and Lindsay Otis, participated on our behalf, in a Wedding Show in Boston. While they were there, they checked out all of the different items being offered to brides and grooms, and one of the things was a "photobooth" service. This is a service that is often selected by our couples, so they wanted to experience it for themselves.

While they were trying it out (and having a great time as you can see from these fun photos), they were chatting with the operator, Ryan, about weddings, and where they worked. As it turned out, he is having his own wedding at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in August. Definitely a small world!

If you want to contact Ryan, here is the phone number for his company, ShutterBooth: 781-215-9515 and his web info:

I hope to see you here (behind those Foster Grants!)


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