Friday, May 21, 2010

Cinema Salem Has Big News

Salem, MA ~~

As compared to the 'normal news' that they have every week, although I have my suspicions that some of this will seem more like 'normal news' than 'big' news. In any case, you may be interested, so here you are.

Here are the headlines: a) CinemaSalem goes 3D! b) Awesome live music concert is tomorrow night! c) LOST finale on the big screen Sunday night! d) Sex and the City opens next week and e) Dramatic overuse of exclamation points in a first paragraph!! And now, the details.

Based on the strong support for 3D programming among our audiences in the customer surveying we conducted earlier this spring, and on the runaway popularity of the format demonstrated by its domination of the box office for the past six months, we've installed an awesome 3D system in one of our theaters, which we plan to use for selected 3D movies, starting with SHREK FOREVER AFTER, which opens Friday.

SHREK 4 is getting great reviews, including this rave from Box Office Magazine: "Shrek is without question the funniest film of the year-at least so far." and this from Hollywood and Fine: "Funnier and more exciting - and more emotionally connected - than most of the summer's blockbusters so far."

SHREK 4 (in 3D) will screen on Friday at (4:45), 7:00 and 9:15; Saturday at (12:00), (2:15), (4:45), 7:00 and 9:15; Sunday at (12:00), (2:15), (4:45) and 7:00; and Monday-Thursday at (4:45) and 7:00.

Though more than our normal ticket pricing, 3D admissions at CinemaSalem are very competitive, and if you want to enjoy the experience for a real bargain, just come to our first show of the day on Saturday or Sunday (or any day during the summer), where you'll enjoy the 3D experience for only $8.

The first Cinema Concert is looking like a very cool event, integrating great young artists (Laura Vecchione and The Dejas), an acoustically beautiful room, and some fun opportunities that performances in a movie theater offer, -- all combining to create a fun and enjoyable listening experience. The show starts at 8:00 tomorrow night, and tickets are $9 today or $12 tomorrow, and are available at the box office or online at

If you're a LOST fan, the place to be during the Sunday night finale is in the comfy seats of CinemaSalem, witnessing the historic denouement in the company of your fellow fanatics, and able to gasp, groan, sigh, and bid adieu to one of the best shows in television history in the manner it deserves. The show starts at 9:00 pm and the cost is FREE! Last night, more than 130 people attended the penultimate episode, so the finale should be a huge event. But don't worry, we can accommodate more than 500, as we did for the Obama Inauguration.

Opening on Friday will be THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which the critics love. The Los Angeles Times writes: "Everyone has secrets in the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a mind-bending and mesmerizing thriller that takes its time unlocking one mystery only to uncover another, all to chilling and immensely satisfying effect." USA Today agrees: "Stieg Larsson's best-selling crime novel has all the makings of a cinematic thriller. As directed by Niels Arden Oplev in Swedish with English subtitles, Tattoo is mesmerizing."

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO will screen on Friday at (4:00), 6:45 and 9:30; Saturday at (12:30), (4:00), 6:45 and 9:30; Sunday at 4:00 and 6:45; and Monday-Thursday at (4:00) and 6:45.

Everyone also loves BABIES, a handmade and beautiful documentary that captures the first year in the life of four babies from around the world. The Detroit News writes: "Blessed with no narration, an absence of gimmickry and an embracing love for its subject matter, Babies is as sweet, joyful and filled with curiosity as a you-know-what." The New York Times thinks it does something even more profound: "Might restore your faith in our perplexing, peculiar and stubbornly lovable species."
Babies will screen on Friday at (5:00), 7:30 and 9:25; Saturday at (12:30), (2:45), (5:00), 7:30 and 9:25; Sunday at (12:30), (2:45), (5:00) and 7:30; and Monday-Thursday at (5:00) and 7:30.

Back for another week is the intriguing IRON MAN 2, starring the ever-watchable Robert Downey Jr., and screening on Friday at (4:30), 7:15 and 9:50; Saturday at (11:15 AM), (1:45), (4:30), 7:15 and 9:50; Sunday at (11:15 AM), (1:45), (4:30) and 7:15; and Monday-Thursday at (4:30) and 7:15.

Finally, please don't forget to bring some change or bills to support the Witch City Walkers, the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure team we're supporting at the movie theater. You can support them with cash, or by purchasing the KOMEN KOMBO, $.50 of which is donated by CinemaSalem to the cause.
Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!
Paul Van Ness

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