Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring is Springing Up in Salem

Here is the City of Salem's truck, 'replanting' new signs in 'our' island, to replace the ones that were wiped out this winter, partially causing some destruction of the plants and trees on our little island. Yay!! We are so happy to see this.

More signs of spring -- our winter greenery and lights have been removed from our planter boxes, and pansies are being planted as I write this. Everyone in Salem knows we are usually the first to plant each spring, and that once the planter boxes at the Hawthorne Hotel have flowers in them, warm weather cannot be far behind.

In fact, this weekend's forecast has us filling up our chiller so that we can run our air conditioning when the temperatures, which are forecasted to be in the mid- to high seventies, rise.

We are all so sick of winter, especially of the really rotten March weather we have had this year (15.4 inches of rain in Salem set a record for the wettest March in 33 years; the last 4 years before this averaged 4.4 inches) so these small harbingers of nicer days are most welcomed.

I hope to see you here.


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