Friday, April 30, 2010

Rhonda Helps Us Replant Our Island

Meet Rhonda, one of our terrifically loyal guests here at the Hawthorne Hotel. So why is she helping us to replant the island in the middle of Hawthorne Blvd in front of the Hawthorne Hotel?

Rhonda reads our blog every day, and on the day after her mother died, she read about the accident that destroyed most of the plantings on our island this past winter. At that very time, she was trying to find a way to plant a garden in honor of her mother, Claire, and (because she subscribes to our blog posts) here comes our story about the hit and run on our island into her email box.

Rhonda decided right away that she wanted to help us replant our island in Claire's memory, and so she wrote to ask me if that was a possibility. After wiping away a few tears at the thought that we have guests who care that much about us, I quickly responded to Rhonda, and we began making plans.

These photos were taken today as we finished up the planting that our landscaping company began for us (after all, we don't want our guests doing so much heavy lifting when there is a way we can make this happen). . . and it was a lovely day to a ceremony such as this.

Jay Gilliss, our Chief Engineer, gave a hand with the 'heavy lifting' and we are grateful for his assistance as well.

Rhonda and her good friend Kate in front of the Hawthorne Hotel.
Rhona and Jay put the finishing touches on the azaleas, planted to honor Rhonda's mother, Claire.

The guys from Stefano's Landscaping of Georgetown who did most of the work.

I don't know very many businesses that enjoy this kind of loyalty and connection with their guests. I do know how happy it makes all of us here at the Hawthorne Hotel feel to know we have those kinds of guests. Thank you so much, Rhonda, for making us part of your family.
Blessings on you, and especially on your mother's memory.
Juli (and the team of the Hawthorne Hotel)
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  1. those islands make me smile while sitting at the light as i gaze upon the rich colors. thank u to those who maintain it; i appreciate it.