Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Lovely Response That Touched Our Hearts

A couple of weeks ago you may recall that someone did a 'hit and run' on our island in front of the hotel, wiping out about half of our carefully nurtured plants. Growing things on an island like that is fraught with many dangers, including an overdose of salt from the winter salting trucks, the exposure to the brutal winter winds, general abuse of people jay-walking through there, and even the occasional mulch fire. We have experienced it all.

But the biggest damage ever was done by a hit and run driver. When we posted the photos right here on our blog of that incident, one of our very loyal and regular readers (and loyal guest) contacted us and asked to help with replanting the island. She explained that her mother had passed away the day before, and she wanted to do the planting in memory of her mother.

I cannot express to you how much that meant to all of us here at the Hawthorne Hotel, that a customer would feel such a connection to what happens to our business, to want to participate in this way. That kind of customer loyalty is so rare in this hustle-bustle, impersonal world that we seem to encounter in an evermore increasing quantity we were speechless for a little bit.

After dabbing away a few happy tears, we responded to her request, and now the date is all set for this to occur. She is so pleased, and we are thrilled. You can be assured that the progress will be posted right here on our blog, in early April when we can plant again. So stay tuned.

Nice things like this don't happen every day, and while this is hardly the stuff that sells newspapers, it sure did make our month.

I hope you enjoy learning this little 'rest of the story' and will enjoy the happy ending that is about to occur.


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