Thursday, March 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes and a Contest Answer

Our contest that started here on this post last month:

is over, and unfortunately we had no winners.

But now I can tell you "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would have said.

These photos were all found on a digital camera 'chip' that we found in the hotel. Rather than simply tossing it into the gigantic lost and found bin that we have each month, we decided to do some investigatory work to see if we could locate the owner. After all, photos can be very precious memories of family events that cannot be reproduced.

When we put the chip in our 'chip reader' we found about 300 photos that spanned several years of special occasions -- family gatherings including graduations, a sweet-16 party, Easter dinner with extended family, summer boat outings, a day at a beach, an award at the Topsfield Fair for some home-grown vegetables, a first job, and much, much more. These photos seemed especially 'important' to me, so we decided to do a little more than the norm. Through a variety of clues on the photos, we were able to get in touch with the owner of the chip, and they were reunited shortly afterward.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about some of the 'behind the scenes' activities that can occupy our time at the historic Hawthorne Hotel.

And I hope to see you here, and that you are able to keep track of all of your possessions so they don't wind up in our lost and found.


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