Saturday, March 27, 2010

ANOTHER Hit and Run on our little Island

Okay, I am mad!! People, (I'm assuming drunk or drug-crazed people) you need to stop killing our plants!!! Just this past week we suffered yet another hit and run on the island of plants that we maintain for the City, across from our front door.

Here are the photos of the second round of ruination for your review.

We cannot replant until the first weekend in May, so it will have to stay like it is until then, which is really sad. There were THREE flowering pink crab apple trees on that island that always looked so beautiful in the spring. After the accident last month, there were two. Now there is one, and we are praying for its safety so that we can have at least some spring blossoms this year.

If you were anywhere near here on the night of March 23 (actually 1 AM-ish on March 24) that witnessed what occurred and could be of help to us in tracking down this reckless driver, we would be very appreciative of the help. There is some reason to believe it might have been a red BMW, but that is not confirmed. We are sure that there was some damage to the transmission and other underbody parts of the vehicle, so if you are a mechanic or tow truck operator, or know of someone who is, in the area, perhaps this might ring a bell with you?

Thanks, kind blog readers, for your help and concern. I know this blog is only read by about 1,000 people each week, so if you read this and can forward the article around to your friends and family, that could have some value as well.

Now I must stop playing detective and get back to running the hotel,


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