Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staff Who Worked So Others Could Play

Ana Jerez
Fulvio Martinez

Ken O'Keefe

Lori Cirome

Chavani Taylor
Allison Austin

David Pagano
Bujar Rovi

On Monday night, January 11, we had our annual Hawthorne Hotel holiday party. Because we are a hotel, we can never really close our doors to the public and our guests, so no matter how hard we try to pick a date when we are the least busy, some people have to work while their colleagues play.

We try to make it up to them in other ways, with an extra gift, as well as the gift we give everyone who comes to the party, and we make sure that they can share in our special food.

This year I snapped photos of them at their jobs that night, and added their pictures in to the slide show that we produced for all to see -- vignettes of our life here at the Hawthorne Hotel over the last year.

I thought you might like to see those who did work, so here are their photos.


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