Monday, January 04, 2010

Not Every Day Is Wonderful -- Not Every Guest Is a Peach

Today was not exactly a totally wonderful day for me at the Hawthorne Hotel. I started my day having to deal with the aftermath of the stupid actions of a very drunken guest from this weekend, and ended it at 10 pm dealing with a flue fire in the Tavern, and trying to get the Salem Fire Department NOT to totally wipe out our lovely room again with their terrific fire extinguisher powder (and they were actually quite nice, and very helpful so that all ended well, thank goodness.)

In between those events, and just trying to deal with the normal things that are on my plate right now, I tried to set the record straight about another guest who had claimed that a pearl necklace was stolen from her room (of course the police blotter of the local paper had to print that little tidbit, especially when said guest stated it was worth $3,000) but when I discovered that a member of her family had called in to report that it was found by said guest in her suitcase when she got home, getting the record set straight by the local authorities so that said police blotter would reflect "the rest of the story" was another thing all together.

Why do people so easily want to blame others for their own shortcomings?? Could she not have LOOKED for her necklace better, before potentially accusing hotel staff of taking her jewelery (which, by the way, we would not be responsible for in any case because we provide safety deposit boxes for valuables.)

Is there a lesson here for you, kind traveler? Well, may I suggest a couple.

1. Don't get falling down drunk. You could be very hurt, or perhaps even wind up dead, if you do what our guest did this weekend. Three drinks should be plenty for most of you. . .

2. Be responsible for your own stuff. Don't assume that someone took something because you cannot find it.

3. If you travel with valuables, put them in the hotel safe. Every state in the USA has similar laws -- they all say roughly that an innkeeper is not responsible for your items of high value and small size, unless they are deposited in a hotel safe.

As for us, we may be looking for a new chimney sweep. Getting our flue cleaned every month should be plenty, if the job is being done well. And if we stick with the same company, we are going to do a better job of inspecting his work.

Grrr. . .

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

I hope to see you here, and I will be sure to get a smile back on my face by then!


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