Monday, January 18, 2010

New Carpet Being Installed Means Lobby Moved to Ballroom

Here are some photos of the new lobby carpet going in.

Because of this installation, we moved the lobby to the Grand Ballroom, and Nathaniel's to the Tavern. Having breakfast in front of the fireplace is a lovely perk this time of the year. In order to get Nathaniel's and Sophia's carpet done, we will continue serving breakfast in the Tavern at least through Wednesday, so if you have always wanted THAT atmosphere at breakfast, today and tomorrow are the days to come for breakfast in the TAVERN.

Here are some photos of our 'temporary Ballroom' which was a big hit with everyone who got to experience it.
The high ceilings and Palladium windows definitely added to the comfortable and grand feeling.

I hope to see you here.


These are photos of our lobby put back together with the new carpet installed.
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  1. Ann-Marie :)10:05 AM

    The new carpet looks beautiful!