Saturday, January 09, 2010

Beth Griffin Named Part-time Employee of the Month for December 2009

Last night we gathered together to honor one of the unsung heroines of the Hawthorne Hotel, Beth Griffin. Beth is our part-time night auditor, and she is terrific at what she does.

Despite the fact that she has a full-time job elsewhere, she has never once missed a shift here at the Hawthorne Hotel. She always arrives on time, does her job thoroughly and professionally, and has the nicest personality whether with fellow staff or our guests -- everyone unanimously voted for Beth because of what they can each see in her.

This past fall we had an emergency in the overnight shift because some vandals did some pretty bad things here, causing among other things the fire alarms to go off, thus evacuating all of the guests from their rooms. Beth handled the emergency with coolness and common sense, making a phone call to me immediately for backup, and we were able to get the guests back into their rooms in short order. I will always remember her actions that night were exactly the kind of support that we need to have on the premises. Great job, Beth!

In the following photos you can see me presenting her with her award -- which was a total surprise to Beth.  
In this last photo you see Beth with Tom Bracken, who is her direct supervisor. Tom is the Assistant Controller of the hotel, and whenever there is a hole in the night audit, he has to fill it. You can tell how happy he is to have someone of Beth's character and expertise working for him.

Congratulations, Beth, and thank you for all that you do!

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