Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Winter Holidays Arrive at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel

Lindsay Otis and Jay Gilliss

Thomas MacDonald

Thomas MacDonald and Kristie Poehler

Donna Daly

Mark Barclay

Lindsay Otis looks all tuckered-out in the pile of Christmas paper.
The finished product. Thanks to the Team of the Hawthorne Hotel.

When I left the hotel on Thanksgiving night, we were still in full Thanksgiving decor. When I returned to the hotel on Sunday we had been transformed into the Winter Holidays. These photos show you just how that transformation took place.

It is a tradition among many in Salem and the surrounding area to come to the Hawthorne Hotel and use our poinsettia tree as a backdrop for their family holiday photos. We are all ready, once again, and hope to see you here.


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