Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Storm Closings? Not For the Team of the Hawthorne Hotel

Angie and Kate

Given the raging snow storm, and the news of 'blizzard conditions' in New England, it was a small miracle that our Santa Brunch even happened this weekend. It is due in no small part to the dedication of a staunch group of New Englanders who constitute the staff of the Hawthorne Hotel. While they may not be born and raised in these parts, they have adopted that 'can do' spirit that makes the Hawthorne Hotel one of the places that you can absolutely count on to be open and running well, no matter the outside conditions.

We know it is our staff who make the difference, day in and day out, but the ones who were on the schedule and made it to work on Sunday definitely deserve a "high-five" or "attaboy" whenever you see them next.

Here is a link to the photos we took of the children who came to this annual event.

The dessert table was very popular.

A different view of the room where we served the Santa Brunch, the Grand Ballroom.
Rosa, Angie, Stephanie and Kate are just a few of our team members who made the trek through the snow storm in order to be here to take care of our guests who also made the journey, secure in the knowledge that we would indeed be open and ready to make our guests happy with our great food and service.

I hope to see you here, whether the weather is fair or foul. We will be here, waiting to serve you.

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