Monday, December 07, 2009

Santa Arrives in Salem, MA Via the Roof of the Hawthorne Hotel

The lack of snow in Salem this week did not deter Santa from arriving in town. In fact, we think that there were more people here than ever before for this annual event that dates back to the opening of the historic Hawthorne Hotel in 1925

When the hotel originally opened, it was widely-touted as Salem's "Fireproof Hotel", perhaps because another hotel had burned to the ground prior to the opening, or maybe because at six stories it was "so tall". The fire department agreed to stage this event to show that their ladders could reach all the way to the roof, thus assuring everyone in Salem that the Hawthorne Hotel was a safe building.

As far as I know, this event has happened every year since then.

It continues to be very popular with local families, and we think this year more than ever. Usually this is held on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but with the huge popularity of shopping on "Black Friday" we think this change of date (due to heavy rains last Friday) may have contributed to the much-larger-than-normal crowds.

Perhaps we should change the date for future "Santa Jumps"?

In any case, I hope to see you here.

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