Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lovely Compliment on Our Exemplary Service

All of us in management at the Hawthorne Hotel know that we are in the HOSPITALITY business here, but we have a lot of staff members whose job it is to actually convey that to our guests. We are a team of approximately 150 people.

It is so gratifying, therefore, when we get an email such as the one that follows here. I hope you are able to experience the kind of service that Kate gave these guests, and I really hope to hear from you if you do.

This made my day!


From: E, Rebecca

Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 1:58 PM

To: Claire Kallelis

Subject: Brunch with Santa 12/20/09

Good afternoon Claire,

I wanted to take a moment and provide some feedback on the excellent service provided by Kate Bonci yesterday morning during the Brunch with Santa. I would like to say that all of the servers were very attentive and friendly but Kate really went “beyond” in my opinion.

As Santa was about to enter the room, my husband realized that he had left the memory card for our camera at home. Fortunately, we don’t live very far away so he ran home in the snow to retrieve it with the hope that he could get back in time to get some pictures at the table of our 4 ½ year old son and Santa.

Just after he had left, Kate stopped by the table to see if we would like more coffee. When I explained that he had to run home because of the mishap, she immediately, without missing a beat, said, “then let me take his coffee so it doesn’t get cold and when I see him return from being out in the snow, I’ll bring him a new hot, fresh cup!”

And, she did just that before he had even got his jacket off!

I was so impressed! I would not have thought twice if she had just smiled and said she’d check back when he returned. Clearly exceptional service comes naturally to her.

I work in a service industry as well and I understand the value of employees like Kate, she is a great role model to your employees and testament to customer service at the Hawthorne! We are already looking forward to attending our fourth brunch with Santa next year!

Thank you for your hospitality.

Happy Holidays.

Becky E

Director of Operations

[name of company suppressed by Hawthorne Hotel]

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