Thursday, December 10, 2009

Judy Veinot Named Employee of the Month, September, 2009

I love this sequence of photos, which show Judy in a bit of a state of shock when she saw all the managers gathered together to welcome her back into the dining room from the kitchen where she had been working to do her set-up "side work" before her guests arrived for dinner in Nathaniel's tonight.

The photos really captured the emotions that were playing across her face, as she realized what was happening. I was really happy to see the smiles that came after she calmed down!

Here we are in the formal part of the presentation, where I get to talk about the wonderful reasons that this award was presented.

Claire Kallelis, Director of Food and Beverage; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager, Judy Veinot; Penny Petronzio, Dining Services Manager

After the formalities were over, Ana Jerez poked her head out of the kitchen so she could congratulate her co-worker. Judy and Ana work together nearly every day, and the two of them make a great team.

Congratulations, Judy! Thank you for everything you do for us.
There will be another blog post about Judy soon. Stay tuned!

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