Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hawthorne Hotel's Big Winter Projects

When the hotel business is slow, we really gear up in many ways to make sure we are ready for the next busy season. Right now is a prime example, where we are installing new public area carpeting, and new flat-screen televisions in all the rooms.

How would you have liked finding 100 flat-screen HD televisions under YOUR Christmas tree? That is what you see in the photos below, since we used the Ballroom as a place to receive the televisions when the truck arrived.

Here are our old TVs which are being donated to a local shelter's thrift store, to help keep people in need taken care of.
This is the new carpet which is being installed in the public areas of the Hawthorne Hotel. We did the entire second floor this week. Other areas of the hotel will be completed in January.
The Ballroom was also used a a place to cut the new carpet, so this photo below shows all of the concurrent activities in the hotel in one place.
I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about what we do to keep a hotel running, and looking good for you!

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