Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ December 21 through 27, 2009

We are still in limbo regarding our rooftop flagpole. We have found someone to climb up there and re-rig it, but (silly him) he wants a day without gale force winds to climb up a 40-foot flagpole. So we have our fingers crossed that Monday might be the day. Stay tuned. Our blog will certainly have photos of this feat!

In the meantime, we are optimistically listing our flags to return to their normal pattern of a state and a country flag on the front of the Hawthorne Hotel, flying in alphabetical order (unless we have a special request) while the flag of the USA flies on the roof.

Think good weather thoughts!

Monday , December 21 ~~ Latvia
Tuesday , December 22 ~~ Lebanon and Illinois
Wednesday , December 23 ~~ Lesotho and Indiana
Thursday , December 24 ~~ Liberia and Iowa
Friday , December 25 ~~ Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Kansas
Saturday , December 26 ~~ Liechtenstein and Kentucky
Sunday , December 27 ~~ Lithuania and Louisiana

I hope to see you here.


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