Friday, December 11, 2009

Enxhi "Angie" Agolli Named Full-time Employee of the Month, Hawthorne Hotel, November 2009

Angie is surprised and delighted by her choice as Employee of the Month for November, 2009.

Penny Petronzio, Angie, Juli Lederhaus -- We surprised Angie while she was in the Dining Services office, in the process of cashing out from her daytime shift in the Tavern, getting ready to punch out of that position, and punch in as a banquet server for the evening's big banquet event. Angie has just that kind of versatility. She can work in the Tavern as server or bartender, in Nathaniel's for both breakfast, or fine dining in the evening, and for virtually any kind of banquet shift.

I love this photo which shows Angie as the very sweet person that she is.

Penny, Angie, me and Claire Kallelis

I am sure that if you have dined at the Hawthorne Hotel at some point in the past four years, you have experienced Angie's exemplary service. And I know you will join me in congratulating her on her award.

We all hope to see you here.

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