Sunday, November 01, 2009

Photos of the Halloween Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel Last Night

ROCK OF HORROR was one of the decor themes for the evening's overall "Reality Bites" event. This was done in the Grand Ballroom, by the Dining Services Department. They came in second in the decorating contest.

"Bride-zilla" was the theme chosen by the Sales and Catering Team (apropos of what they do?) for their decor in the Essex Room. Many of the guests who were having their photos taken in this room loved posing with this tableau.

The Grand Prize winner for the room decorating contest was "Hell's Kitchen", done very appropriately by the Kitchen Department

Project "RunAway" was produced by the Room's Division, who had the task of decorating the Library. I thought some of the details they created were just plain disgusting, and isn't that the whole idea?!!

"Survivor" created by the Banquet Department was displayed in Nathaniel's. I know sometimes the Banquet staff members feel a little like they have been through a 'survivor-like' challenge doing back-to-back events on busy weekends, but they never look THIS BAD!!!

More on Rock of Horror

"Frank-n-Stein" were the winners of First Place in the Group Division for our Costume Contest.

Taking Second Place for the Group Division, The Devil and his Seven Deadly Sins (l to r: SLOTH, GLUTTONY, PRIDE (with an obvious broken nose from a fall), green with ENVY, the DEVIL, LUST, WRATH, AND GREED). I gave the cash to GREED when they came up to get their award, because no one else seemed interested in picking up their award. Interesting?!!

The Tea Party won third place. Included in their group were Earl Grey, Lipton, Orange Pekoe, Sleepy Time, and Iced Tea. Their costumes were all giant tea bags, and the 'party' was made evident by their party hats and favors.

First place in the Individual Contest was this fellow, "Hell's Kitchen" which went along with the theme of the evening very nicely. You have to give a guy credit for just being able to make his way around the ball in this getup.

The Jackal won second place in the Individual Category. I can only say I'm glad I didn't meet up with this character on a dark street someplace. Yikes!

Cash for Cluckers was the Third Place Winner in the Individual Category. Topical and timely, and a great use of an otherwise standard chicken costume.

I hope you enjoy this insight into our costume ball for 2009. We've already got our thinking cap on for next year's theme, but if you have any ideas, be sure to let us know.



  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    we attended the reality bites costume ball last night and i have to say i feel slighted. first of all they made my boyfriend check half his costume, then we were DELIBERATELY ignored by one of the bartenders, and part of the $95 incentive was that a picture of you in your costume was to be posted on the website which did not happen. We drove all the way from VT to have a good halloween and all we got was ripped off! thanks

  2. A link to every photo is both on the blog and on our website. I am sorry about the weapons issue, but in a Post-911 world, we have to err on the side of safety for all. I would like to know which bartender you felt was ignoring you, as that would be important for future training of that person. Please feel free to call me at the hotel, 978-744-4080 during the week so I can discuss this issue with you.

    Juli Lederhaus

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    my friends and I have gone to this event every year for 8 years and we always look forward to it. this year we were sorely disappointed by the treatment we got from (hopefully) temporary staff members that could not have been less helpful and over zealous security that seemed pumped up and looking for a confrontation. the DJ's and the band are always in top form and worth the trip but is the hassle also included in the ticket price?

  4. I apologize if some of our temporary staff were "over-zealous" in their treatment of you at the doors. We are considering changes to the door staff for next year that hopefully will allow some of our more senior staff members to be there to help with this important first point of contact. While we do want to emphasize the safety of our event, we also want people to feel welcomed.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Juli Lederhaus
    General Manager

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I would just like to add that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this year's party. The costumes were terrific, we had no problems with any of the staffers, who were in cheery top form as far as we saw-and the costumes were top notch! Having attended the party for the last three years, we expect to find security checks in place at the door. I mean, did you see the crowd inside? They were no more stringent, I felt, than in the past.

    Don't let the above comments dissuade you This is the best party going. Thanks, Juli and everyone at the Hawthorne for another fabulously frightening night. We'll be there next year for sure!