Monday, November 09, 2009

An MOD Report from the Hawthorne Hotel

In our hotel we always have a manager on duty. This is an important role that covers the gamut of overseeing the hotel when I am not here. ( No, despite rumors to that effect, I don't work 24/7, even if my husband occasionally thinks that is close to the truth!)

We have a protocol, which requires the manager on duty (MOD) to write a report of their shift. The following is an excerpt from yesterday's report that I am happy to share with you:

A guest went to the front desk and asked for a manager. I went up to speak with him. He wanted to tell a manager about what a wonderful stay he had. Apparently, this couple roams the north shore on the weekends without any plans or direction and stays in random places. Well, they landed in Salem and decided to stay with us last night.

The guests were Herman and Susan S and they stayed in room xxx. They specifically mentioned Adam at the front desk, stating how friendly and accommodating he was.

He also mentioned the Tavern staff from last night. They had left their camera in the Tavern by mistake and the staff searched them out and called their guest room to give them back their camera. They said that we are one of the most hospitable placed they have ever stayed in!

Comments like these just make our day. Sometimes people are quick to complain if there is an issue, but few are the times that guests seek us out to tell us when we succeed. Thank you, so much, Herman and Susan S. for being such great guests! We hope you won't roam too much farther than the Hawthorne Hotel the next time you are out and about the North Shore of Boston. We like your style!!!

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  1. This report does not surprise me a bit! Customer service at the Hawthorne Hotel is consistently excellent. How wonderful that these guests stopped to tell you so!