Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is a Movie Part of Your Holiday Tradition?

If so, you will want to know what is playing at CinemaSalem, located just one block from the Hawthorne Hotel.

Here is their newsletter:


Now Playing: New Moon (PG-13); Old Dogs (PG); Planet 51 (PG); and World's Greatest Dad (R)

All of us at CinemaSalem hope you have a lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow and a joyful time with your friends and family.

Here's a quick summary of this week's movies and showtimes so that you can plan to enjoy a great film over the weekend.

NEW MOON (PG-13) will screen today and Thanksgiving at (4:30) and 7:15; Friday and Saturday at (11:00 AM), (1:45), (4:30), 7:15 and 10:00; Sunday at (11:00 AM), (1:45), (4:30) and 7:15; and Monday-Thursday at (4:30) and 7:15.

Opening today is Disney's OLD DOGS (PG) starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, which will screen today and tomorrow at (4:15) and 7:30l Friday at (12:15), (2:45), (5:00), 7:30 and 9:40; Sunday at (12:15), (2:45), (5:00) and 7:30; and Monday-Thursday at (5:00) and 7:30.

PLANET 51 will screen today and tomorrow at (4:45) and 7:00; Friday and Saturday at (12:00), (2:15), (4:45), 7:00 and 9:00; Sunday at (12:00), (2:15), (4:45) and 7:00; and Monday- Thursday at (4:45) and 7:00.

Opening Friday is WORLD'S GREATEST DAD which 95% of the world's top critics rated positively, using words like "tasteless", "sweet", and "black comedy with heart" in many of their reviews. WGD will play Friday and Saturday at (11:45 AM), (2:00), (4:15), 7:20 and 9:30; Sunday at (11:45 AM), (2:00), (4:15) and 7:20; and Monday-Thursday at (4:15) and 7:20.

THE DRUMMER will screen today and tomorrow at (5:00) and 7:20.

And don't forget that you can watch GLEE tonight at 8:30 on the high definition, giant screens of CinemaSalem. We normally also show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at the same time, but we don't think there's a new episode this week. Are we right?

Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!

Paul Van Ness

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