Friday, October 30, 2009

Toxic Assets -- A Costume Celebration of the Financial Woes of 2009

We could not help noticing these terrific costumes walking in to the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel today. They had already been turning heads everywhere they went in Salem.

Whenever I take photos of people to put on our blog, I always ask permission first. When I approached this IT AIN'T EASY BEING GREEN group in the lobby today, they seemed pleased that finally someone was going to be taking their photo for "something that will count" when I asked about putting them on our blog.

One of the four made all the costumes himself, and some of the fabric came in their luggage on a trip back from Japan.

Those of you who are coming to our costume ball tomorrow night will be thrilled to learn that this group will NOT be coming, having a pressing need to be in another locale at that time. So, if you were worried about the competition, you can relax just a bit.

The "license plate" on the back of this hottie said "ToXicAss", but it could have as easily said something about "Caution, Wilde Load"

Ms. Global Recession, aka Robert Arrowood of Boston

Ms. Subprime Mortgage was played by Glen Lowe of Wenham.
Ms. Cache for Clunkers, portrayed by Tim Reese of Wenham

Ms. Wall Street Crash is John Kubicek of Boston
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  1. really really creative. a real stand out on color.