Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So How Do I Get A Reservation at the Hawthorne Hotel for Halloween Next Year?


Q. How do I get overnight reservations at the Hawthorne Hotel for Halloween 2010?

A. We give all guests who are already staying with us over Halloween weekend the first opportunity to rebook their room for the following year. These guests have until November 3, 2009 to decide whether or not to return.

Q. So when will other guests be able to make a reservation?

A. New guests may reserve beginning on Wednesday November 4 at 9 a.m. by fax only.

Q. How do I get a reservation form?

A. You should go on our website and download the form for new guests, fill it out, and fax it in starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday November 4 at 9 a.m. The form will be available beginning Wednesday, October 28 at noon.

Q. Is there any other way to reserve for that weekend?

A. To be fair to all concerned, that is the only way to reserve a room for the Halloween Ball weekend. The fax machine time-stamps the forms.

Q. I don’t have a computer, and no access to the Internet. How else can I get a form?

A. You can pick one up at the Hawthorne Hotel beginning on Wednesday, October 28. However, you may not fax it in before the time listed on the form. If you do, it will be placed at the bottom of the stack. Sorry!

Q. What does the package include?

A. It is a four-night minimum stay, which includes tickets to the Hawthorne Hotel Halloween Ball, a limited-edition welcome gift, and the opportunity to keep returning to the Hawthorne Hotel every year, because once you get ‘in’ you have the opportunity to rebook before anyone else can book as a new guest. It is kind of like getting season tickets to a popular sporting event.

Good luck, and I hope to see you here.


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