Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photos of the Hawthorne Hotel "Reality Bites" Costume Ball

We had so many great photos this year that it took two web albums to display them all. Here are the two links:

Also included in those photos are a few 'before' shots, so you can see what goes on a bit 'behind the scenes' as well as some candids shot by a visiting Rotary Ambassadorial scholar with a real penchant for taking great photos -- some nearly 500 of them from his camera alone.

You can also see the various rooms in their decorated finery, carrying out the various sub-parts of the overall theme of "Reality Bites". The Tavern, outfitted as "Hell's Kitchen" by the Hawthorne Hotel's own kitchen staff, headed up by Executive Chef Steve Nelson, won the prize for the best-decorated room. This contest between the different departments is bravely fought to the last strobe light, the final spider, and the only remaining corpse.

The Dining Services team has won for the past several years, so the Kitchen was waging a grudge match to try to win back a title that they had not won in awhile. Looks like they really succeeded well with a genre with which they are most familiar -- the Kitchen. Great work, TEAM KITCHEN.

The Dining Services did manage to eek out second place, followed by a tie for honorable mention between Accounting and Banquets.

Dining Services parodied a show called THE ROCK, and Accounting did The Real Housewives of Salem. Banquets did Survivor.

I think everyone did a great job, and am really happy that we have guest celebrity judges who have to make these choices.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a very successful event.


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