Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Offices Get a Creepy Look This Time of the Year, at the Hawthorne Hotel

Walking through the areas where we have offices and office storage areas this time of the year really can give one a start.

We keep a lot of the Halloween decor that we use to decorate the rooms for the Ball, and when the date for the ball gets close, the various teams of the Hawthorne Hotel raid that decor storage area to claim things that they wish to use for the current year. The next thing that happens is that they find a corner of their office space to squirrel these things away so that another 'team' doesn't claim the same things.

Which is why we wind up with really creepy looking scenes that we quickly become used to in the heart of the Hawthorne Hotel

I hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes.

And I hope to see you here, on Halloween, at our awesome costume ball, "Reality Bites". If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, there are still some available. If you go to and enter the promotional code HALL5, you will even get a $5 discount for being one of our loyal blog followers.

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