Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Saga, Part Deux -- New, Semi-Giant Pumpkin Arrives On Scene

If you have been following the Giant Pumpkin Saga of the Hawthorne Hotel this year, you will already know that GP#1 expired sometime this past week. (See blogpost below for gory details -- as many as can be put on a family-friendly blog.)

In this photo above you see Jonah Pringle and his son, little Jonah, in front of our pumpkin display. Jonah is a body builder, in addition to being one of our stellar staff members. He was one of the people who helped us muscle the giant pumpkins around, in and out of the building over the past several weeks, so when his son showed up to meet him after work, I asked them if they wanted to be blogged. The answer was a resounding 'yes' so here they are.

The gourds that you see alongside the giant pumpkins were also grown here in Salem, MA, by the same grower that grew the giant pumpkins. Her name is Mary Woodcock, and we are so grateful to her for all of her help. The darker green gourd in the foreground of this photo above is an 'apple gourd' and it is so unusual, we had to point it out.
Steve Jennings, Dining Services Supervisor, and Steve Nelson, Executive Chef, setting up the display.
Steve Nelson looking a bit like a pumpkin himself.
The display includes the most recent 'semi-giant' in the center on the table. It weighed right around 300 pounds.

The 'semi-giant' pumpkin thought she was going to get to ride into the hotel in style this time, on one of our brass luggage carts, but that was not to be.

Instead, GP#2 was carried on a sling, onto a kitchen cart by several staff members.
I hope you enjoy these additional photos of the Giant Pumpkin Display at the Hawthorne Hotel.
Come by and see this in person -- it makes a great photo backdrop.

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