Thursday, October 29, 2009

FIRST PRIZE for Best Decorated Guest Room!!

While we don't have a contest for the best-decorated guest room here at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel, I can assure you that if we did, Karen and John Marsicano of New Jersey would win it hands-down!

They brought a number of new items with them this year. There were 16 giant totes full of items.

It takes them several days to decorate their room. When I went to see the new things this year, and take photos for the blog, I couldn't help take photos of just about everything, because it is just such a fascinating collection of Halloween everything-under-the-sun (or moon.)

These 'alarm' clocks (aren't they alarming?) are made by a man who works at the Fool's Mansion, which is diagonally across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel Each one is custom made to John's specifications.

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Another of the cool alarm clocks.

This cat is new this year.

John Marsicano surveying his handiwork -- days and days of unpacking, arranging and hanging. I have to point out that John and Karen are so careful of our hotel room, that when they leave, you would have absolutely no idea that any of this stuff was here. They get my unofficial "Manager's Award for the Most Conscientious Guest" designation as well.

Karen Marsicano telling me about the pillows and other handiwork that she made.

This is also a new piece this year.

My personal favorite is the Halloween tree, covered with custom glass ornaments, each one more interesting than the next.

This is a closeup of one of the glass ornaments on the tree.

I love this glass ornament that is a Halloween tree with ornaments on it.

This cat is another piece of Karen's handiwork with a needle.

The pillow on the left was the first piece of Halloween needlework that Karen did, and she completed it during a stay here at the Hawthorne Hotel.

The oval pieces are new this year as well as the black cat piece.

The Peanut's piece is new to the collection this year.
I hope you enjoy seeing all these photos of a very special Halloween decorations collection, in the most special Halloween central hotel in America, the Hawthorne Hotel.

I hope to see you here. There are still a few tickets remaining for our costume ball. For those, go to


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