Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where Else But Salem, Massachusetts?

It is so much fun running a hotel in a unique location such as Salem! Every destination has to be famous for something, and everywhere I go, when I say I am from Salem, MA, people respond "oh, the witches!"

Of course, we who live here know that Salem has much more to offer than that, but I am happy to be from some place that people all over the world know and recognize for something.

This past weekend we had a wedding that used witches as the theme for the table numbers. A member of our team took photos, and here they are. I hope you enjoy this peek at our life here at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA.


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  1. The Witches of Macbeth, the Witches of Eastwick and Practical Magic ... The Wicked Witch of the the West, Disney's poison apple Witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ... Angelica Huston's Grand High Witch in The Witches and of course the Witch that helped put and keep Salem on the map ... Laurie Cabot.

    Happy Halloween '09 Laurie!