Wednesday, September 09, 2009

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Nathaniel's for the Bouchard's

Here is the Bouchard family gathered together before starting their lovely dinner in Nathaniel's this past Sunday evening. They were celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Maureen and Andre Bouchard.

Everyone drank a toast to the Bouchard's including a specially prepared non-alcoholic sparkling drink for the wee ones.

The Bouchard's met on a blind date, arranged by Maureen's sister-in-law. Maureen thought, at that first date, "I think he needs looking after" so she kept going out with him. Now she says it was he who did the looking after her. When I asked them what kept them together after all these years, she quipped that neither of them have the energy to leave.

Mr. & Mrs. Bouchard are loyal patrons of the Hawthorne Hotel, and they particularly enjoy dining in the Tavern for a casual dinner or lunch out.

We are so happy to be able to help our guests celebrate occasions of grace, and this was certainly one of them.


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