Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ August 17 through 23, 2009

If you pay close attention to these things, you may have noticed that this past Friday we not only changed flags mid-stream, but we were flying a flag that we don't usually fly. You see, a guest requested the flag of Scotland be flown. However, we don't have the flag of Scotland in our rotation, because Scotland is not its own nation, nor is it part of the United Nations. It is part of the United Kingdom, and thus we started the day flying the flag of the UK.

However, we quickly learned that the groom who requested the flag of Scotland be flown was mightily disappointed. So, we went out a bought the flag he wanted us to fly, and had it up on the front of the hotel by midday, thanks in part to a local flag vendor (located just over the bridge in Beverly, Massachusetts -- Hannah-Lore Flags is always our go-to source for flags.)

And this was not the 'classic' or traditional Scottish flag (a blue field with a white diagonal cross), but the older, yellow and red "Lion" flag that he wanted. But yes, our flag source had them both, and we were able to make our guest happy with their help.

My days are never boring, and there are always unique and unusual things that happen my way, in this business called "hospitality."

Monday , August 17 ~~ Suriname and Delaware
Tuesday , August 18 ~~ Swaziland and District of Columbia
Wednesday , August 19 ~~ Switzerland and Florida
Thursday , August 20 ~~ Sweden and Georgia
Friday , August 21 ~~ Syrian Arab Republic and Guam
Saturday , August 22 ~~ Tajikistan and Hawaii
Sunday , August 23 ~~ United Republic of Tanzania and Idaho

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about what our days are like here at the Hawthorne Hotel, in Salem, Massachusetts.



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