Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vote Early & Vote Often

I recently received this email -- a PR event for Travelocity that should result in great PR for BOSTON as well. In our business, when Boston does well for visitors, so does SALEM, so we have a strong interest in this contest, and in Boston succeeding in winning it.

This one is even more simple than the Preservation Contest we asked for your help with earlier this year (and in case you didn't know, Salem came in second and Old Town Hall did get a nice big grant from AMEX because of it -- so those of you who voted DID make a difference.) In this contest below, you don't even need to register, so just go vote, PLEASE!!!




The Travelocity Roaming Gnome is heading out for summer adventures in a big PR effort targeting Facebook & Twitter (the first of its kind!!). Basically two or three cities go head to head each week and America decides where the Roaming Gnome will end up. And starting tomorrow – the three cities are Philly vs. DC vs. BOSTON!!!! This is great PR for BOSTON this week and beyond if we win!!!!!

Voting will take place from Wednesday, 7/15 at 12 noon till Wednesday, 7/22 at 12 noon. Voting is unlimited so vote as many times as possible, every day of the week.

Vote at and please vote multiple times!!!


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